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The children of component B can never overlap any a part of factor A. Even for 2D elements, our third dimension, the z-axis, represents stacking order. In different words, what components stack or overlap on top of other components? Changes to z-index don’t actually move our elements.

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That means a change on ANY ONE AREA will affect ALL Grids which are using that class. For this, we’re just going to pull in a Section factor .

But z-index does assist us place components once we stack them. But that’s an overview of responsively designing with CSS grid. Let’s end up talking about responsive design. BECAUSE the width of every column is usually sized with FRs, it’ll typically respect those proportions and the content material inside. And because the browser will get narrower, everything will scale accordingly. We can use AREAS to define entire layouts.

We can management the stacking order of components, with larger values stacking on prime of lower values. Let’s select the left one and set the z-index to 2. Well, like we realized in AP Calc, 2 is bigger than 1. It’s greater than the center div block which is about to a z-index of 1. If we’ve two elements , z-index will control stacking for those parent parts. But if element A has a better z-index than factor B?