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4 Differences between Premium and Free WordPress Themes

You can know the difference between a premium wordpress theme and a free one if you are observant in using the theme for certain purposes. For example, if you want to be serious about blogging, of course you think twice if you want to use a free theme.

However, there is nothing wrong if you use a free wordpress theme just to try or test your website / blog. Many theme providers have shared free themes that you can try.

You also need to know, the quality of the free theme is also not inferior to the premium version, it’s just that the features on the free theme are limited. If you want to use additional features, you can buy or upgrade to the premium version on the wordpress theme provider that you will use.

With the difference between premium WordPress themes and free ones, of course you are confused which one to choose? To answer all of your doubts, this time I will tell you about the differences between premium and free WordPress themes.

Difference between Premium vs Free WordPress Themes (Free)

In general, both of them are wordpress themes that you can install on the Wordpess CMS. Well, but there is a difference between the two. What are they? Let’s review.

1. Theme Update & Support

The basic thing that distinguishes between premium vs free wordpress themes is in terms of theme updates. If you buy a premium wordpress theme, of course you will get a guarantee of periodic updates for approximately 1 year or forever depending on where you buy the theme.

Unlike the case with free wordpress themes where updates will be rarely given than premium themes. If the WordPress CMS itself often updates, the theme must also adjust. If there are bugs or security holes on your website, it will be dangerous.

Support is also needed to overcome things that if we are still confused about the theme such as theme documentation. Responses to user complaints regarding bugs will be responded to quickly if using the premium version.

2. Clean Coding Structure

The difference that may be for you developers or understanding of coding will understand this. In free wordpress themes, sometimes we don’t know maybe a secret script code is hidden for the purposes of the theme provider.

Even if you use a nulled theme, be prepared for your website to be tucked into malware. Examples such as redirect urls, auto ads, backdoor hacks, and so on. That way, you have to be observant in choosing a free theme to install on wordpress.

The premium version has a clean code structure, so your website loading speed will also increase. If you want to buy a premium wordpress theme, I recommend buying it from a well-known theme provider such as Envanto, Themeforest, CSS Igniter, Themify, and others.

3. License Use

Both themes also have licenses, but with different types. If you use a free WordPress theme, you will get a GPL (General Public License). You can see more about this description on the wikipedia site.

Unlike the case with premium wordpress themes, where the developer gives a certain license depending on the needs or choices. For example, the basic premium license has certain conditions from the developer, such as a theme that can only be installed on one site and cannot be traded

All premium license terms are governed by the theme developer. So, adjust your needs by choosing the right premium license. Let’s take the example that you want to open a WordPress theme installation service, then the license you have to choose is a developer license.

4. Features

As I mentioned above, the features contained in free themes are very limited. You are only given basic or basic features and to get additional features you are required to spend according to the price given by the theme developer.

Obviously there will be much difference in terms of features between premium and free wordpress themes. In this respect, the premium version of the wordpress theme will be superior. For example on a free theme you are not allowed to change the credit footer and for a premium theme you are free to edit the credit footer.