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(When a category is duplicated, it BRINGS all of the types from the ORIGINAL class, but that’s IT.) The relationship stops there. These at the moment are two TOTALLY completely different classes that don’t discuss to one another in any respect. Select the Section, go over, apply the Main button class.

web design courses

Let’s choose it, and of course, apply the Main button class. Click the dropdown thing subsequent to the name of the class? Now that we’ve styled our All Paragraphs tag, let’s go to another page in the project and have a look. We can merely place in a single paragraph, then copy and paste it a pair times. Because the road top, the margin — every thing we modified earlier than in the tag?

With our Section chosen, let’s override this font, and while we’re at it, let’s change the font color, too. Notice how the heading and paragraph inside — both baby elements of the Section — notice how these are affected by the adjustments. That’s because this override broke the chain of inheritance. We’ll summarize (we’ll recap all of this) as we move forward, but before we do, let’s full our objectives and speak about the idea of worldwide classes.

But this time, let’s click to the RIGHT of the class label. Blinking cursor (we’ll get into THAT in a second).