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And if we select our Grid again, and we go to EDIT? We can modify or even REMOVE the hole — so now it’s truly a 50/50 split with the image. We can USE our Div block (by the way in which, let’s name this something like “Hero content material” to keep things organized).

We’ll drag a div block proper into the grid, and it can be positioned within the next available cell. That’s automatic positioning using an image grid. What about handbook positioning and OVERLAP? To go over THAT, let’s build this hero section. But to GET there, let’s first make our hero part a side-by-aspect (we’ll discuss WHY in a second).

Let’s do the identical with a paragraph — this time we can drag the paragraph RIGHT into the Navigator ITSELF . That’s our left side of the side-by-side. Well here’s where we go back to our magical Div block.

That means Collection Pages are primarily templates for recurring pieces of content material, similar to blog posts, help articles, and even landing pages. In other phrases, every of these columns represents a area type. When you create Collections in Webflow, you can enter your Collection gadgets manually, or, import them immediately right into a Collection by way of a CSV. This allows you to import hundreds or even hundreds of items from an external supply. You will notice, though, that if you have one thing MANUAL? (If something’s set to manual place?) It can get caught that means should you don’t TELL it what you need it to do on, for instance, a smaller breakpoint. Even if you remove a column, if something was placed there manually, you need to either MANUALLY place it in a brand new column, or set its position to auto.

web design courses

We can change the name, do all the opposite stuff you’d anticipate here. But this is one thing that is actually sensible, particularly if we’re iterating on this whereas working with collaborators. We have a Collection List we made for our featured weblog posts. Let’s drag a button proper into our Collection List. And for fun, let’s pull the button’s background colour from a colour field we’ve in our Collection. Plus, we’ll show you the settings you possibly can regulate for Collection Pages.